• Do I need to pay anything to post a print enquiry?
  • No, the site is 100% FREE for print buyers.
  • Is there a limit to how many print enquiries I can post?
  • No, feel free to upload as many print enquiries as you need.
  • How many quotes can I expect to receive?
  • On average users receive at least 3 quotes for each print enquiry they post. This can vary greatly based on the specifications of your print job and how many printers can produce such order. For instance, if you request pricing on flyers or folded leaflets you can expect to receive a lot more than 3 quotes.
  • How reliable are the printers on your site?
  • All printers are vetted immediately at registration. We run background checks to make sure that they are reliable printers with a good track record.
  • When do I pay for my print job?
  • Once you have awarded the job to the printer of your choice, you'll be asked to transfer the funds on to our Escrow account. The money is only released when the print job is delivered to you.
  • Are payments secure?
  • Yes, absolutely. We use Stripe's world-wide renowned payment gateway to process all payments.
    Go to Stripe's Website
  • What happens if we're not satisfied with the work done?
  • You can open a dispute. We'll then act as a liaison agent between you and the printer so solve the issue at hand.
  • How much does it cost?
  • We operate on a commission basis. Commissions are calculated as a percentage of the agreed price between you and the buyer. See our commission breakdown here below:

    On jobs posted by print buyers:
    £ 0 - £ 175: 7.0%
    £ 175 - £ 350: 6.3%
    £ 350 - £ 1000: 5.6%
    £ 1000 - £ 2500: 5.0%
    £ 2500 - over: 4.6%

    On jobs posted by other printers or print resellers:

    4.2% on all jobs

    An additional 1.4% is applied on top of each transaction to cover our Stripe Payment Gateway charges.
  • Who can quote on print jobs?
  • ONLY commercial or trade-only printers can quote. Please note that we run background checks immediately after registration to make sure that you are indeed part of the printing industry. Non-print related businesses will be taken off the website.
  • Can I see other quotes?
  • Yes, you will be able to see other printers' quotes unless the buyer selected 'hide quotes' when posting the job online.
  • Will I be made aware when someone has placed a lower quote?
  • Yes, you can select this option when placing your quote. If selected, you'll receive a notification by email if a lower quote was placed.
  • When do I get paid?
  • You get paid when the buyer has received the order. They will then be asked to release the amount held in Escrow.

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