Job: Test print job for EUR

Project Details

Job ID: 308
Job Name: Test print job for EUR
Status: Cancelled
Description: print job for 540 euros that I will pay on escrow
Artwork: Artwork design required
On-Site Installation: ----
Budget: EUR 1200 Created: 26th Nov 19
Job Type: Banners & Tarpaulins,Exhibition Counters,Exhibition Walls,Flags

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Job Bids

Printers Name Message Bids Delivery Time Time of Bid Rating Options
bid placed from Biz Dealz to Adston no escrow required GBP1193.85 5 days   26th Nov 19 rating (6 reviews)
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Project Location

Carrick on Shannon,Leitrim

Project ID : 308 rating (1 reviews ) Status : Cancelled Job Ends in : (Closed) Town/city : Carrick on Shannon State : Leitrim Country : Ireland

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