Ok so you have a website BUT it’s not performing.

Visitors come and leave immediately.

They don’t seem to stick around for long.

So what it is? What’s causing this behaviour?

OK, let’s me show you 7 possible reasons why visitors are leaving your website.


Ok, so the first reason is the most obvious of all.

And it might be the most painful to admit especially after spending money on a website.

OK so the first reason is that the general appearance of your website looks bad.

And I’m sorry but there’s really no other way to put it.

But maybe the main reason why visitors leave IS BECAUSE your website DOES NOT look good.

Maybe the design is bad.

Or it looks dated perhaps.

We’re in 2020 now. If your website looks like it was built in 2010 or 2005 clearly people will not stick around for long.

So what should you do instead?

Well you need to make sure that your website is built using the current technology and trends.

and most importantly you should make sure that it looks like it belongs in the year 2020


Reason number two is because you have an unclear message on your website and especially your homepage.

Is it clear what it is that you do?

Would someone that has never visited your website be able to understand what it is that you do within let’s say 10 seconds of landing on your homepage?

If not, then unfortunately people don’t much patience anymore and they’ll leave your website.

If people don’t understand quickly enough what your website is about and how you can help them, then they’re not going to stay I’m afraid

So what should you do instead?

Well you should say it flat just the way it is.

Just say it the same way you would tell a friend.

When you go to a dinner party, and you’re sat there at the table and someone ask you “what it is that you do” what do you answer?

You might say “I’m an accountant and I specialise mainly in corporate taxes.”

There you, now have it

That’s what you should put on your homepage “Accounting services with a focus on corporate taxes”


OK so the next one is because there’s simply too much text on your website and not enough images.

It’s just too much.

People don’t mind doing a bit of reading, but in these day and age, where videos are the most effective way of communicating messages, asking your visitors to go through big chunky paragraphs full of text can be a daunting task.

When writing paragraph bear in mind that they should never be more than 50-100 words and spaced up, broken down into manageable chunks

And only put what’s really necessary.

Try to condense your content to its more essential form.

You should really only publish the main substance and leave out all of the fluff and unnecessary chit chat.


And on a related subject, we have reason number 4

Your are using images, well done, but they clearly are stock images that have been around for long enough.

So much that people have got used to see them everywhere.

You know the type of images I’m on about here.

That group of 4 people with headsets, who clearly don’t work at that company.

Or the famous business handshake.

Or a group of contractors who never worked on a construction site.

Instead what you should do is simple.

Grab your smartphone.

Take an actual picture of your premises, your employees, your workshop, your van or truck, and your office.

I’m telling you, it’s 100 times better to have a badly framed REAL picture than a stock picture that means nothing.

And the reason is because people like to connect.

They like to see who they’re dealing with.

With real picture you’re saying “we’re a real company with real people”

And visitors will thank you for that with their custom.


Now a different aspect, but that causes a lot of visitors to leave prematurely is the loading speed of your website.

Does it take ages for your website to load?

Ideally you want your website to be loaded within 2 to 3 seconds tops.

And it happened to me the other day.

I clicked on a link.

The website came up and all I could see what that pre-loader arrow going around.

And that was it. I didn’t wait. I left the website almost immediately.

And this is going to be most people’s reaction.

No one likes to wait. Life is too busy now.

So if your website is slow loading it could be a few things, but usually the main reason is a slow hosting.

Maybe your website is hosted on a shared hosting and maybe you should upgrade to a VPS (virtual private server) or even a full dedicated server.

They cost a little bit more, but if you’re losing ton of money because your site is too slow, then it’s well worth the money.


The next reason could be because you provide either too much or too little choice and options.

There’s a sweet spot for each industry.

Now we’re not talking about Amazon, eBay or Alibaba here.

Clearly those website have millions of products and references.

What I’m talking about here is for instance you’re a bicycle store, or you sell stationery or second-hand computers.

Ok, so let’s say you sell bicycles.

So you have a few categories like road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes and kids bikes for instance.

Then if someone click on road bikes, if you only have 2 models there, this could be a problem.

Because clearly 2 is not enough to choose from.

Now on the other hand, if someone click on road bikes and they are presented with 1,400 different models, that become a problem as well.

In this instance, that’s way too many to choose from.

So you need to find the sweet spot. There’s a right amount depending on your industry and line of business.


And finally, our last reason is your copy.

Maybe it doesn’t connect with your audience.

A mistake I see being made very often is to use too much technical terms and industry jargon.

You may think it makes you look professional and position you as an expert.

But if your message is too cryptic and hard to understand, you’re going to loose your audience.

And they’re not going to stick around.

What you need to do is to convey the exact same message but in a simple way.

Again, imagine you’re talking to a friend.

How would you say the same thing to a friend.

Clearly, you wouldn’t use technical terms or industry jargon.

So put in its simplest form and by doing so this will allow you to CONNECT with your audience.


OK that’s all for now guys.

I hope you enjoyed that.

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